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HO Resistance Wheels
Our metal wheels are machined and
blackend brass mounted on a metal axle.
One side is pressed directly on the axle
and the other side is mounted to an
insulating bushing. Then a resistor is
added to bridge the gap allowing current
to pass through for your detection and
signal systems.

We offer the HO wheels in 33" and 36"
diameters in either Code 110 or Code 88
widths. All have 5.6K resistors added.
These were made from customer
suggestions. If you like what you see, tell
us what you might like to see next!
Code 110 Wheels
Code 88 Wheels
FVM 03300R5.6        Code 110 33" Wheel w/5.6K Res (4 Pk)       $12.95        Sold Out
FVM 03600R5.6        Code 110 36" Wheel w/5.6K Res (4 Pk)       $12.95        Sold Out
FVM 03388R5.6        Code 88 33" Wheel w/5.6K Res (4 Pk)       $12.95        Sold Out
FVM 03688R5.6        Code 88 36" Wheel w/5.6K Res (4 Pk)       $12.95        Sold Out