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S Products
A new S Scale Track system is being imported by Fox Valley Models. It features Code 138 Nickel
Silver rail (which will match up with a few others out there) with plastic ties injection molded in
brown. We will be starting with Flex Track, #5 Turnouts in either Scale or Hi-Rail versions, along with
standard metal rail joiners, insulated joiners and terminal joiners. Other pieces are planned for the
future. If there is something you would like to see, please let us know.
Rail Joiners
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SST 23001                 $5.00        
Metal Rail Joiners (24 pcs)
SST 23002                 $4.00        
Insulated Joiners (12 pcs)
SST 23003                 $5.00        
Terminal Joiners (2 pr)
Flex Track
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SST 23101        S 35.4" Long Flex Track with Brown Ties (6 pcs)                 $65.00                
SST 23301        S #5 Right Hand Turnout - Scale                           $34.00                Available
SST 23302        S #5 Left Hand Turnout - Scale                             $34.00                Available
SST 23303        S #5 Right Hand Turnout - Hi-Rail                          $34.00               Res - Exp Nov
SST 23304        S #5 Left Hand Turnout - Hi-Rail                             $34.00              Res - Exp Nov
Turnouts will be offered in either a Scale version - or a Hi-Rail version. The main difference will be
in the frog and guard rails - Scale will have tighter tolerances while the Hi-rail will have a wider
gauge through the frog and guard rails. Other features are an insulated frog that can be powered if
needed, and a snap-action throw bar that can be used right out of the box, or easily adapted to
numerous mechanical or manual switch machines.